Start your online ecommerce business and focus on sales. Let us deliver the product for you

What is Dropshipping?

Drop-shipping is the business model where you list and sell products and manufacturer deliver it to your buyer address. So you do not need to worry about stocking the product. You do not need to buy the product to sell it online to your buyer.

How Does it work at Shhoppy?

You list our product or sell it to your friends offline or online and pass the order to us and pay. and we will deliver it to buyer address and provide you tracking no.

How is it beneficial to me?

You do not need to buy products to sell it online. So no investment, no product repository, no shop needed.

What is the MOQ for dropshipping?

There is no minimum order quantity for drop-shipping.

How to start selling your products as a dropship seller?

There are many ways to sell our products online without buying them

  • If you have a good circle on your facebook or wtsapp, you can copy our product images and circulate to them. Or else based on their requirements, you can find products on our site and copy and post photos to them.
  • If you have online ecommerce store, you can list our products on your site and start selling.

How much discount will we get as dropship seller?

Dropship seller needs to be registered with us to get discounts. There are membership plans for various discount slabs.

What are different dropship membership plans and how to get them?

  1. Level 1 - 5% Discount (registered member with atleast 5 sales per month. Register with us and contact us either thru mail or wtsapp and provide your details like how will you sell our products and how much sales per month you can give to us. rs 500 refundable to become level 1 seller. after you gave us 5 or more sales of amount 2000, rs 500 will be refunded. Other way is - buy the product in full price and as soon as you reach 5 sales in max 3 months, you will be refunded with 5% of your discount)
  2. Level 2 - 7% Off (REgistered member and have been worked as level 1 and gave 10000 rs sale total in last 6 months or less. You can also move to this level directly by paying fee 500 rs)
  3. Level 3 - 10% Off (Registered member and gave 50000 rs sale total in last 1 year. You can also move to this level directly by paying fee 1000 rs)

How to register as dropship seller level 1, 2 or 3?

Register with us from link "My Account" in footer and drop us message or mail with your register name and mail id and subject "Dropship seller registration" with the level no you want.

For more questions

Drop us mail at shhoppy.shop@gmail.com or wtsapp us at 9719912979